Handing M1 Rod for Power BFS

Handing M1: The Ultimate Budget Power BFS Rod?

Hey everyone, Aaron here! Over the past six or seven weeks, I’ve been putting the new Handing M1 rod to the test, and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. I’ve used it in various settings—from creeks to paddle boards and kayaks—and it’s time to share my thoughts. While this is a sponsored video (they sent me the rod for free), I want to give you an honest look at its performance. As someone with my own signature line of rods, I take rod performance seriously. Would I fish with this rod regularly? Let’s dive into the details.

Design and Comfort

First off, the design of the Handing M1 is quite modern. I really like the foam grips, which are comfortable to handle. One feature I initially found odd is the angle of the rod when stored, but it turns out to be perfect for those of us who store our rods in the corner of the garage—it sits nice and flat. I’m not sure if that was intentional, but it’s a nice touch!

Performance and Sensitivity

The Handing M1 is available in various powers and lengths, but for bait finesse enthusiasts like myself, the medium power is the sweet spot. This rod is rated for 1/8 to 5/8 ounce lures, with medium power and fast action. It handles 6 to 12lb lines beautifully. I personally used the two-piece version; it’s a little less expensive and it’s more versatile for transport.

But, they also make the same models in a one-piece construction:

Despite being a budget rod, the Handing M1 feels like a premium budget option. It’s not a $40 rod that skimps on quality. In fact, it’s the most sensitive rod under $100 that I’ve used. Whether I’m doing bottom contact work or using it for moving baits, the sensitivity is impressive. While it’s not on par with my high-end rods, for the price, it’s exceptional.


Where the Handing M1 really shines for me is in its versatility. It’s perfect for bigger topwater lures like the Whopper Plopper and buzz baits. I’ve also found it to be great for topwater frogs, especially when fishing in scummy or junk-filled waters. The medium power gives it just enough heft for these applications, even though it’s not what a traditional frog rod would offer.

During the winter, I might pull out this rod for my Megabass 110s or other slightly larger lures. While it’s not the ideal rod for these, it gets the job done, making it a great addition to my lineup.

Casting and Accuracy

The casting distance and accuracy of the Handing M1 are both excellent. I’ve been very pleased with how it handles on the water. It has a decent bend when fighting fish and plenty of power to back it up. Personally, I prefer a more moderate rod, so I’ve had to adjust to the fast action of this one. However, once I got used to it, it’s performed well.

Minor Drawbacks

Of course, no rod is perfect (well, I could argue my Kistler Hunt BFS is nearly perfect, for me at least). The Locking nut on the Handing M1 tends to loosen up a bit, which can be annoying. I’m not sure if it’s a design flaw or if I’m just not tightening it enough. Additionally, the eyelets on the tip catch the line more frequently than on my other rods, which means I have to unwrap it often. These are minor issues but worth noting.

Final Thoughts on the Handing M1 Rod

So, will the Handing M1 stay in my lineup? Absolutely. I don’t plan on buying any new rods for the rest of the year, and this one has definitely earned its place. Whether it’s for Whopper Ploppers, topwater lures, or other applications I’ve mentioned, this rod will be my go-to.

I’ve used several Handing products, and they’ve all impressed me. This rod is no different. However, with Handing’s growing popularity, prices can fluctuate, so if you’re interested, I recommend grabbing it now. It’s the best value in their lineup from what I’ve used.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I probably would. Every other Handing product I’ve used, I bought with my own money, and this one holds up well in comparison. I’d go as far as to say it’s my favorite of the Handing lineup.

If you’re looking for a versatile, budget-friendly BFS rod, the Handing M1 is worth considering.

Using this affiliate link to buy the Handing M1 Rod helps support my blog and channel, and costs you nothing.

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Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the full video review below!

Tight lines, and I’ll see you next time!

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