I just want to go fishing…

So many fishing spots

Only so many days in a year.

I never thought I’d become the BFS Kayak Fishing Guy.

Even though friends and family told me “You can’t just go fishing all the time”, I guess I’ve set out to prove them wrong.

After I left my career at age 48, all I wanted to do was to go fishing. Eventually, I started a YouTube channel about my Bait Finesse journey. I was amazed people started to follow along. And the rest as they say “is history.”

Bait Finesse.

The desire to catch bass in the winter led me first to finesse techniques, and ultimately to Bait Finesse Style fishing- or BFS.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve got my own Signature line of Rods with Kistler Custom Rods.

Kayak Fishing.

After creating a list of hundreds of relatively local fishing spots, I realized some of them can’t be fished well from the bank.

Kayak Fishing has added a whole new layer of fun to my adventures! So now I’m one of the few people doing BFS Kayak FIshing on YouTube!

BFS Kayak Fishing

I create the fishing content I want to enjoy.

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