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The Best Micro Glide Baits – 9 Great Options

Searching for the perfect lure to reel in that elusive big bass can feel like a daunting task. Micro glide baits have emerged as top contenders thanks to their lifelike swimming action and irresistible appeal to fish.

This article will dive into the finest micro glide baits on the market. I’ll offer detailed insights from my personal experience to enhance your fishing arsenal. Get ready to discover your new secret weapon!

What is a Micro Glide Bait?

These small swimbaits usually have a single joint that lets them move side to side, or “glide,” through the water.

They look like little fish and are great for tricking bigger bass into biting. Micro glide baits can be used in many places and times to catch fish when other lures might not work.

These baits typically come with two sharp hooks known as treble hooks. They help you hook and hold onto the bass once they take the bait. Small but powerful, these tiny versions of larger glide baits fit well in your tackle box for any fishing trip.

Fishermen love using them because they are good at finding big bass across wide areas of water.

And they usually weigh less than 1/2 ounce. As a bait finesse guy, these are the types of glide baits I use. They don’t glide as much as the larger famous brands like Hinkle or Roman Made. But they are still a blast to fish at a fraction of the cost and size.

Who Makes a Micro Glide Bait?

Many companies make these tiny swimbaits that look like small fish and move in the water to catch big bass. Gan Craft is famous for its Jointed Claw 70, a small version of their bigger glide bait.

Other good choices are the Era Baits Tiny Glide (if you can get one!) and the Jackall Baby Giron, which is a great Bluegill imitator.

Brands like Biovex, HMKL, Palms, Blux, D1 Swimbait, and Spro all offer mini versions of these lures as well. They design them with care so they work well in the water. Fishermen use these baits because they can trick a large bass into biting.

I use them because often they are about the most fun you can have, as the fish usually slam a glide bait when they hit!

Each brand has its own special touch on their baits that can help you catch more fish.

Gan Craft Jointed Claw 70

micro glide bait
Gan Craft Jointed Claw 70

The Gan Craft Jointed Claw 70 is a single-jointed hard-bodied swimbait. It comes with a pair of treble hooks and is known for its effectiveness in triggering bites from giant bass and trout. But it will still catch numbers as well.

The floating version weighs about 4.1 grams, and the sinking around 4.7 grams.

I have found it to work well in rivers, creeks, and lakes, and it works in current or in slack, still water. I find it most successful to twitch and pause, triggering bites on the pause. A twitch and retrieve also works, depending on how aggressive the fish are on a given day.

A lot of finesse fishermen count on the Jonted Claw – and it’s the O.G. micro swimbait. Gan Craft also makes a large variety of sizes of swimbaits in general.

And if you’re into limited production runs, there are plenty of those to collect as well!

Era Baits Tiny Glide

The Era Baits Tiny Glide is a small swimbait Made in small batches. It’s designed to mimic the movement of baitfish, attracting the attention of bass. With its single joint and treble hooks, it effectively imitates small forage like shad or bluegill.

This compact glide bait offers versatility in different conditions. It has received many positive customer reviews. It is an excellent choice for anglers looking to target big bass with a small swimbait option.

It is in such high demand that when a new batch drops on Instagram, it is usually sold out within five minutes! ERA is working on scaling up production to make these lures more readily available.

They are also the most expensive lure on this list at $40.

The Era Baits Tiny Glide provides fishermen with a reliable artificial lure for various fishing techniques. Its effectiveness in imitating small forage makes it a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box when targeting bass.

It might be the best-performing tiny glide there is – and the one that comes closest to mimicking the larger glide bait action.

Anglers seeking micro glide baits will find the Era Baits Tiny Glide worth considering. Just mark your calendars and set an alarm for the next drop! Because I haven’t seen hardly any for sale on the secondary market. people don’t seem to part with the Era Tiny Glides!

Jackall Baby Giron

jackall baby giron
Jackall Baby Giron

The Jackall Baby Giron is a single-jointed hard-bodied swimbait. Designed with realistic features that imitate small bluegill. It is an excellent choice for triggering bites from giant bass.

While it works year-round, it can be especially effective around the spawn when bass are defending their nests from raiding bluegill as well.

Its compact size and lifelike action make it versatile and suitable for various fishing conditions. Finesse Anglers can benefit from its ability to mimic natural prey, increasing the chances of success in catching large bass. It’s 61mm long and weighs only 7.5 grams – or about 1/4 ounce.

They also offer some colors that have bright backs or even simply bright spots to aid in sight fishing.

I highly recommended the Jackall Baby Giron as an essential addition to the tackle box of any angler looking to target trophy-sized bass.

But, buy them well before the spawn starts, because these tend to sell out every year – and all you’ll likely find is some hot-pink sight editions once the spawn gets rolling.

Biovex Joint Bait 72

micro glide baits
Biovex Joint Bait 72

Moving on from the Jackall Baby Giron, another top choice is the Biovex Joint Bait 72. This swimbait is multi-jointed and swims more like a shallow wake bait than a true glide.

But, when it comes to finesse swimbaits, The Biovex Joint Bait 72 stands out as an excellent option for anglers seeking a reliable and effective lure that offers something a little different.

All the ones I’ve used are Slow floating models, so they will gradually rise on the pause – and the action is kind of like a lazy swimming shad that’s injured or sick.

It’s a change of pace from the traditional single-joint glide baits.

HMKL Alive Bait

jointed micro glide bait
HMKL Alive Bait 65SP

HMKL Alive Bait is another multi-segment swim/glide bait. I’ve found it does best on just a slow steady retrieve. This is another one that I have found hard to find consistently. Luckily, losing these glide baits is rare.

The HMKL Alive Bait probably mimics minnows or shiners, or even small trout, the best out of any of the micro glides I’ve used. But again, it’s probably more of a swimbait than a glide bait.

Moving on to the “Palms Beatrice”.

Palms Beatrice

jointed twitch bait
Palms Beatrice Jointed Minnow

When considering glide baits for trout, one noteworthy option is the Palms Beatrice. This compact swimbait choice is effective in imitating small forage and triggering bites from big trout. I’m sure it will work for panfish as well.

At 45mm and 2.9 grams, it wouldn’t be my first choice for targeting big bass – or bass in general. but it could be a great “numbers” lure. I use it primarily for trout.

While the Palms Beatrice falls into the category of micro-sized glide baits, it’s also essentially a jointed twitch minnow, making it a versatile and efficient tool for anglers trout in various conditions and situations.

If you’re a trout fisherman, the Gan Craft Jointed Claw 70 and the Palms Beatrice need to be in your arsenal.

Westin Lures Swim Glidebait

I have not personally used the Westin Swim, but it looks like something I need to try! It is a single-piece lure that has some nice glide action.

The smallest size is 65mm and weighs 9 grams or about 3/8 of an ounce. It’s designed to just be slowly retrieved, and you can add a twitch to trigger bites if necessary.

This bait has proven versatility and effectiveness in triggering bites from giant bass. MLF Pro Brent Chapman provides insight into how he fishes the Westin Swim:


Blux Jack Claw

micro glide baits
Blux Jack Claw Micro Glide Bait

The Blux Jack Claw is a copy or knock-off of the Gan Craft Jointed Claw. It’s available from Aliexpress.

It regularly sells for less than $5 and is also available in floating and sinking versions – just like the original. And many anglers like the action of the Blux better than the Gan Craft.

I have to admit – I have bought more of the Blus versions than the Gan Craft, and it was my number one producing glide of 2023. But there were a few days when the higher level of craftsmanship you get with the Gan Craft caught fish and the cheaper Blux didn’t.

At 1/4 or less the price, I’m also more likely to throw the Blux Jack Claw in spots where I’m more at risk of losing it.

The downsides: It takes longer to ship, and the hooks are suspect and need to be replaced. I have hooks break on small smallmouth bass on multiple lures. And occasionally you’ll get a Blux that doesn’t swim well – but so far they all catch fish.

smallmouth glidebait
Smallmouth caught on Jack Claw 70.

So if you’re looking for a budget Micro Glide, the Blux Jack Claw is for you.

D1 Swimbait

micro glide baits compared
D1 vs Jackall

Like the discussion about Blux Jack Claw, let’s dive into the D1 Swimbait. The D1 is the Chinese version of the Jackall Baby Giron.

It’s a single-jointed Glide that mimics bluegill.

Performance is similar to the Jackall, with the main drawbacks being the colors are not as realistic. And the Ghost color is hardly ever in stock.

But at about 1/8 the price of the jackal, and being more readily available, it’s a great budget option to try out for the next spawning season.

These are typically available from AliExpress.

Spro Baby Shad

SPRO Baby Shad
SPRO Baby Shad

The Spro Baby Shad is a multi-jointed swimbait. I’ve included it because it was my first micro-swim that got me interested in glide baits.

It’s a sinking lure, and it is more of a moderate-speed retrieve compared to the slow sinking and floating lures that make up most of this list.

But, it can be a very effective lure, and it’s one of the more available baits on this list.

For the DIY Lure Maker

If you like to make or simply paint your own lures, Sugartit offers a micro glide blank. It is 2 inches long and about 3. grams, or 1/10 of an ounce.

With lures like the Blux jack Claw and D1 Glidebait on the market, I wouldn’t be surprised if lure blanks for those models eventually become available as well.


micro glide baits

Choosing the right microglide bait is crucial for successful bass fishing. Anglers can select from a variety of options available in the market, each with its unique features and advantages.

Understanding the versatility and effectiveness of these baits, along with tips from professional anglers, can make a significant difference in catching giant bass. With careful consideration and practice, utilizing micro glide baits can enhance fishing experiences and increase the likelihood of landing impressive catches.

One of the key things to consider is understanding what is the natural prey for the fish you are targeting. In lakes where Bluegill is the prime food, the Jackall Baby Giron will do very well. For many other lakes and rivers, the Gan Craft Jointed Claw might be the micro glide that catches them most often.

But I have had success throwing a goldfish-colored glide bait too. So sometimes it’s just a reaction bite – and when you hit those days – well hold on and enjoy the ride!

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