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Fishing Lure Calculator – Convert Ounces to Grams

As a Bait Finesse guy, I talk about lure weights in grams. It’s more precise. So I built this tool to convert ounces to grams. In lure weights!

When using a converter like Google’s Grams to ounces or ounces to grams, you get a decimal equivalent as an answer.

So exactly how does 0.141096 ounces help me know how big of a lure that is? That’s why I created these converters.

If you want to know what your 3/16 ounce jig would be in grams, using the normal converter you whip out your phone and convert 3/16 to a decimal, then type it into the converter.

In this converter, you simply select the lure weight in fractional ounces, and it gives you the result in grams.

Convert Ounces to Grams – in Lure Weights!

Lure Weight Converter: Ounces to Grams

Lure Weight Converter (Reverse)

Keep in mind to use total lure weight.

And if you want to go from Grams to Fractional ounces – that converter is here.

I hope these help!

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