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Convert Grams to Ounces – in Lure weights!

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From time to time I get questions about “why do you talk in grams if you’re American?” And it’s true, most Americans struggle with the metric system – even I get twisted up with it sometimes.

But, a lot of the finesse lures from the rest of the world are rated in grams. And ultimately, BFS is about precision, accuracy, AND light weights. In this regard, grams is easier to use and easier to understand how much lighter or heavier a lure is compared to another.

When using a converter like Google’s Convert Grams to ounces or ounces to grams, you get a decimal equivalent as an answer.

convert grams to ounces

So exactly how does 0.141096 ounces help me know how big of a lure that is? That’s why I created these converters. If you input 4 grams, it tells you the closest Imperial lure weight would be 5/32 oz.

Convert Grams to Ounces

BFS Lure Weight Converter

BFS Lure Weight Converter

is approximately

Convert Ounces to Grams Too!

Likewise, if you want to know what your 3/16 ounce jig would be in grams, using the normal converter you whip out your phone and convert 3/16 to a decimal, then type it into the converter. So I also created a converter from going from lure weights in ounces to grams.

Keep in mind to use total lure weight. For weights less than 0.3 grams or above 15 grams, the results will indicate you're out of the BFS usable range.

I hope these help!

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