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Secret to Catch More Fish! 4 Reasons to Use Pink Braided Fishing Line

There are so many options for fishing lines today. Simply considering what braided line to use can be difficult because there are so many choices! I’m going to share why pink fishing line is one of my go-to colors, and give you some recommendations on different brands to try.

Pink Braided Fishing Line Benefits

The closest thing I remember to pink fishing line as a young fisherman was the color red. Red has some of the same benefits as pink, but I think the lighter shade has at least one additional benefit. So here are the top four benefits of pink braided line:

High Visibility

One thing I have found when fishing pink braid is that it is easier to see in most conditions than almost any other color braid. In the gray of winter, the yellows of summer, the bright greens of summer, or the oranges and browns of fall, there’s just not much in nature that looks like a bright pink fishing line.

It gives good contrast against most water color and clarity. This is beneficial not only for traditional finesse techniques like Ned Rigs, but it also comes in handy when a true giant is on the line and you’re watching the line during the battle.

High visibility is the number one benefit of pink braid.

Low Visibility to Fish

While pink might be more visible for you and me, for the fish it is less visible than many other colors. This is what the old red fishing lines had going for them, for sure.

Water absorbs red light first. So reds and pinks will disappear and look about the same as the water to fish. Or they may look black. But I can confirm that my fishing has not been affected by the pink fishing line – except for maybe in a positive way.

In 2022, while using pink braided fishing line on multiple reels, I broke my Personal Best (PB) for rainbow trout 3 times. And it’s not just a trout thing: I also landed my then PB and still longest Largemouth Bass using Pink line.

And it’s also not just a freshwater phenomenon! In March of 2023, I hooked into the largest fish of my life: A GIANT Snook while fishing the Manatee River in Bradenton Florida. Unfortunately, the ultralight rod I was using at the time bent over so far that the line rubbed on the blank, and during a spectacular run the line snapped at the rub spot!

In 2023 I switched brands and they didn’t offer a pink option. I caught less fish and definitely less PBs in 2023. It wasn’t ONLY the line, but was it part of the equation?

High Sensitivity

This is a general benefit of braided fishing lines- They are much more sensitive. Braided line just simply transmits more of what’s happening in the water than any other line I’ve used.

This can be an amazing difference with high-end gear. But on budget and traditional rods and reels, it could be the difference between feeling a bite and completely missing it altogether.

As a Bait Finesse Style (BFS) fisherman, it’s all about that sensitivity and connection with the water and the fish, so braid is my go-to almost all the time.

It Looks Cool

Okay – this one might be debatable. Honestly, it’s the reason I first tried pink line – I thought it would look good on one of my new Bait Finesse combos.

As a YouTuber, it might even be worth using pink lines as part of my “signature” look. Maybe something to consider. But as of now, I’m still testing various lines, and they don’t always have a pink option.

Potential Downsides to Pink Braided Fishing Line

I guess not everything comes up roses when you are fishing braid. And maybe a little less so when fishing pink lines. So here are a few downsides to consider.

Abrasion Resistance

While braided lines are in general super strong for their diameter, one knock on braid is their abrasion resistance. If you’re fishing in rocky areas or doing a lot of bottom contact fishing, you definitely want a leader.

I’ve had a few cases where fish had me around or under logs and trees, and I’ve had zero issues. I do recall losing on nice Smallmouth in 2023 when it made a run to the back and into a cove. the line was around some rocks, and it broke me off, leaving me with only a frayed line and wondering how big that fish really was…

I like to use a fluorocarbon leader for the near invisibility benefits and because it has some stretch, but not as much stretch as Monofilament.

Low Stretch

Speaking of stretch, braids have virtually no stretch. So it makes it easier to jerk the lure away from the fish. It also makes it easier in some cases for the fish to throw the hook because they rip the hook opening enough for it to work free

Because I’m a big fan of moderate rods with progressive tapers, braid is ideal for me. I let the rod do most of the shock absorbing while the braid lets me feel exactly what’s happening.

This is low stretch a benefit when fishing topwater. As long as you can give it that pause for the fish to get the lure in its mouth before setting the hook!

It Floats – usually

The floating aspect of braid is also a benefit when fishing topwater. So typically you don’t want to run a leader when fishing topwater. If you do, use Monofilimanet, because it also floats.

Fluorocarbon line sinks. It’s another why I choose fluro for my leaders. If I want to get a little deeper with a crank or jerk, I can run a longer leader or a heavier lb test leader. Learn to tie an FG knot, and you’ll have no concerns with line breakage either.

Now, I say “usually floats” because there are two cases I know of that this is not true. There are some Japanese Market (JDM) lines that have a higher specific gravity. So what the heck does that mean?

It simply means they are a little heavier and they sink like fluoro. I haven’t tried them yet, but the new brand I’m testing right now makes not only a sinking braid, but a PINK sinking braid!

Your Fishing Buddy

I haven’t had anyone say it yet, but I can imagine one day someone saying “What’s up with your fishing line- pink fishing line? Really?”

So maybe you need some thick skin. At first. Then you can just rub it in a bit after you outfish him…


This is probably the biggest drawback. Pink braids aren’t very common. It’s why most of 2023 I was fishing gray or green – because the brand I wanted to use doesn’t offer pink.

Now that you know the pros and cons of pink braid, where can you find some?

Pink Braided Fishing Line Options

While this list seems like a lot of options, most aren’t going to be available in your local tackle shop. Some are expensive, some aren’t that good. 😛

Varivas Master Area Limited

This might be the best line on the list – which is why it’s first. I have tried it and I like it a LOT. What I don’t like: Price and availability. It’s typically $30+ for a 75-meter spool – making it hard to get even 2 BFS reels filled for $30. Ouch.

And it’s hard to get. They also offer a newer 4x version which I haven’t tried. But it’s not any less expensive!

This was the line I was using for my second PB rainbow.

The Day I Broke My PB Rainbow – Again!

Daiwa Gekkabijin DuraSensor

The Gekabijin Durasensor is a JDM line. I like it about as well as the Varivas. And it’s about half the price for double the line when I buy from stores like Digitaka. It might be something you can get on eBay from time to time as well.

This was the line I was using when I hooked my Monster Snook!

Monster Snook on the Gekkabijin Reel and Line!

Kingdom MicroFly

This was the first pink line I tried. It was cheap – under $5 per spool. But, the color faded rather quickly, seemed to transfer to my guides more than most lines, and the strands seemed to separate easily, indicating lower abrasion resistance.

The knot strength was also poor. After using it compared to the first two options, I decided that since the line is where the “rubber meets the road” so to speak, it wasn’t worth trying to save on fishing lines. So I’ve been looking for a blend of price and performance ever since.

I did manage to catch my PB rainbow and my then-PB Largemouth on this line, so it’s not all bad!

This bass was a surprise catch!

Suffix 832

A lot of BFS and finesse guys in general like Siffix 832. I used to use it on my spinning rods. It’s available in 6lb to 50lb weights in pink, so it might be an option for me to check out.

The plus side is it’s available from US sites like Omnia Fishing, and it’s a similar price to the Daiwa Durasensor.

Looking at some test results, it’s ranked a little higher than the Sunline I’m using for the first part of this year – so I may be giving this Suffix 832 a try in 2024!

Sunline Defier D-Braid

This is one of the sinking braids I mentioned. The current iteration is on close-out, and a new version is coming in 2024. I meant to add some to my last order from Sunline, but I forgot. 🙁

It’s another JDM option, and I’ll likely give it a try eventually.

Sunline Small Game PE-HG

I wasn’t going to put this on the list, but it’s an option. Just hard to find and pretty darned expensive. Seems to be salt-water focused, so might be worth a look if you’re a saltwater angler.

SPRO Finesse Braid

Honestly, I didn’t know this existed before writing the article. SPRO is a respected brand in Europe for sure.

It’s about the same price on eBay as the tackle shops I can find it at – none of which I’m familiar with. And it has free shipping. Downside: it’s another of the pricier options.

Beyond Braid

Another brand I’ve heard of, but I didn’t know they offered pink. Their name of the color is “Python Pink”. As a plus, they do offer a wide range of line ratings down to 8lb test. And it’s available from Bass Pro Shops.

The downsides are I’ve not seen it available in 8 lb – which is about my max. And, it’s one of the worst-rated braids in lab testing. So there’s that.

Reaction Tackle Braid

Another brand I haven’t heard of – but they show up when you search for “Pink Braid”. They seem to be a budget option, focused on higher strength lines.

From their website images, I wouldn’t expect this to be a great-casting line. So this is a “buyer beware” offering. Great prices, so if the cost isn’t dear to you, maybe give it a try. Let me know if you do.


So that’s my take on pink braided fishing lines. Honestly, I’ll probably be giving the Suffix 832 a try next. I used to use it, and haven’t put it on a single one of my BFS reels.

I also plan on giving the Sunline sinking braid a go as well in 2024.

Let me know if you use pink lines, and if there’s a brand I missed. I’m always looking out for new gear, and I’ll work on updating this overview periodically as I learn more, test more, buy more, and fish more!

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